Thoughts on Crema Technologies And The Year Ahead

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Thoughts on Crema Technologies And The Year Ahead

Hi Everyone,

This blog post will be Crema’s first, and we wanted to introduce and share our vision briefly. We created our team at Crema centered around the experience of discovering, eating, and sharing great food. From initial conception to the final product we are working on launching now, we have changed so much as we witnessed all the great innovations that are appearing in the market.

We believe that food should be a social experience and often that means making it easier for friends to organize group lunches or dinners, and other times that could mean reducing the total amount of time it takes to do anything that makes people frustrated with each other such as deciding how to split the check for the meal.

Over the last few months, we have gone through multiple revisions, talked to so many people about the product and what they would like to see in the food industry, and have unfortunately experienced various growing pains such as team members leaving and/or difficulties in allocating the right resources in various areas of development. Although there were many restless evenings and 2 am phone calls, these are all the necessary ingredients that train us to learn about the need to focus on the product at hand and to never lose hope in the vision.

Crema today aims to be the social media that revolves around the sharing of experiences and a driver in the influencer/consumption economy. At Crema, we believe that everyone has valuable opinions on where they have eaten, where they have stayed, and what activities they have enjoyed the most. We want people to share the fantastic experience they had at a mom & pop restaurant that no one has heard of, and we hope to provide the technology that allows these small businesses to connect with consumers at almost zero cost to them. We wish for people to find Crema to be their guide to see and plan their next Valentine’s Day or their next graduation dinner and pass that experience forward so that their friends too can benefit from the hours that some of us spend to make a night special.

Think of Crema not as another Instagram, or Yelp, but more of a new evolution of the modern day search engine. People should not have to see a restaurant posted by a friend on Instagram, but later have to open up Google to search for the restaurant’s menu, and even after deciding that this restaurant is the right one, go to OpenTable to only find out that such restaurant has been booked for the night. We believe that we can provide value in this regard by combining the social search, with reservations, ordering, and payment processing within two taps of an application. We still have a long ways to go in this regard, but this is our vision at Crema Technologies and will keep working to make the perfect experience for everyone.

Please keep us on your mind, and the next time you have frustration with a dining experience or an opinion on how social media can be used to improve the consumption experience better feel free to shoot us an email at team@Crema.One. Please follow our email list below, if you have not gotten a chance!

Best Regards,
Team @Crema Technologies

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